Winter Secret

Winter Secret
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A farmer ploughs his field along the railway line at the Gorleben nuclear waste disposal site.... mehr
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A farmer ploughs his field along the railway line at the Gorleben nuclear waste disposal site. He finds a skeletonized hand with a ring still hanging from it. Investigations show that this hand belonged to a long-term missing person from 1980. The police suspected the then young man in the support scene of the RAF (Red Army Faction) and declared several times that he had gone into hiding in the Middle East.
Intensive inquiries are revealing further human remains. The causes of death can no longer be determined. The clothing refers to the year 1980. A Ford Transit can be found at a depth of 5 metres. In the interior of the vehicle, well-preserved papers and other evidence are found.
It appears that a mass execution of 30 people have taken place. 
The police detective find no other explanation. The case is disturbing enough because the protests in the 1980s had been suppressed by the state.
The wife of one of the Commissioners, herself in the anti-nuclear scene at the time, recognises a ring, it belonged to a young man whom she knew fleetingly from the Hut village of the Free Republic of Wendland.
More than 40 years after the events, the investigation leads to the dirty tricks of the nuclear operating companies, lobbyists, security services and political interests of those days.
An electrifying thriller about living German contemporary history.
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